Cardinal Pallet Co.
505 West 43rd St.
Chicago, IL 60609

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Cardinal Pallet Co.


New Pallets:
We can custom build pallets to your exact specifications.  We can also help design new pallets to meet your product needs
Heavy Duty Stringer Pallet For Two-Way Entry
Heavy Duty Stringer
 Pallet For Two-Way Entry

Used Pallets:
We inventory a wide variety of sizes along with standard 48x40 #1 and #2 grades.
Heavy Duty Stringer Pallet For Four-Way Entry
Heavy Duty Stringer
 Pallet For Four-Way Entry

We carry cut-to-size lumber and length stock
Plastic Pallets:
We can help meet your plastic pallet requirements
Plywood Panel Deck String Pallet
Plywood Panel 
Deck String Pallet

Reversible Stinger Pallet
Reversible Stinger
 Pallet For Two-Way Entry
Single Wing Pallet With Optional Chamfer On Bottom Boards
Single Wing Pallet
 With Optional Chamber
 On Bottom Boards
Nine Block Four-Way
Nine Block 
Four-Way Entry Pallet

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Cardinal Pallet Co.
505 West. 43rd Street
Chicago, Illinois 60609
Phone:  (773) 285-0400  or  (773) P.A.L.L.E.T.S
Fax:  (773) 285-8495